D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

campaign finance laws need to be toughened is Kwame R. Browns campaign for reelection to the D.C. Council in 2008. Exhibit B is the Democrats 2010 campaign for council chairman. Both efforts seem to have been rife with infractions of the rules on collecting and spending money.

Borst will retire as Toyota finance chief

The yen went from 115 to 80 to the dollar by 1995, and Lexus’ launch momentum was derailed. “I am most proud of my time at Lexus,” Borst said in an interview. “When we started to struggle, we could have had bargain-basement sales and eliminated all those customer handling touches. This was our first test of who we were. And in 1995, even as our sales volume had dropped, we still swept the J.D.

LDC Finance unsecured debenture holders lose out

Instead, the entire settlement proceeds have gone to the secured debenture holders who have now been repaid all of the $12.3 million they were owed, plus a small amount of interest. When LDC called in the receivers nearly six years ago, the unsecured debenture holders and call account holders were owed just over $9m. LDC was the substantial loser in the settlement with the trustees for F&I Finance, another Nelson- based financier funded by mum and dad investors, securing $5.8m. In a written statement, Grant Thornton, the new receiver of LDC Finance said: “The 468 secured investors of LDC Finance are to receive repayment in full of their capital investment plus a partial interest distribution, in total $4.9m.” The settlement came after a court fight between PWC, the former receivers of LDC, and F&I’s trustees.


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