Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data

Recent Grads: Passion Is the Secret Ingredient to Success in Finance

“The financial system doesn’t have a say about whom to give money to,” he said. While the term shadow finance may evoke nefarious dealings done in back rooms, it is actually anything but, say experts. Markus Rodlauer, the IMF’s mission chief for China, told reporters that much non-traditional finance was “really innovative new forms of financial intermediation”. But while they have their “good sides”, he said, they “also have their risks”.

Finance scandal: City of Miami never learns

But in recent years online merchants like Netflix and Amazon demonstrated the value of using copious transaction data to treat every customer differently. Marketers began to understand they could manage reputational risk by monitoring Twitter, Yelp and even YouTube. The access to new types of external data suddenly created a need. University graduate programs in operations research with heavy statistical analytics courses are an ideal source for the needed expertise. But they are far too small to fill the growing gap.

Spurs in talks with Bale to stop move to Real Madrid

Unfortunately, the 1996 City of Miami Financial Recovery Plan that I formally presented to the mayor and City Commission on my last day as interim manager, when Ed Marquez was appointed city manager, never received the wide public discussion and recognition it should have. About an inch thick, the report set forth, in some detail, all the reasons why the city faced potential bankruptcy including serious management deficiencies. In addition to my recommendations, it also included specific recommendations from 43 pro bono corporate leaders and career public servants who were assigned to 12 separate task forces that embraced all aspects of the citys operations. Unfortunately, the level of mismanagement in the city extended far beyond fiscal matters, so the Miami Financial Oversight Board appointed by Gov. Lawton Chiles used the Recovery Plan as a road map to force members of the City Commission to face up to their basic fiscal responsibilities.

Banks, finance firms hit by RBI’s rupee defence

And, thoughinternships with large financial firms help to expose students to the field as well as enhance resumes, an internship with a firm that focuses on impact investment can be equally advantageous. The four of us are thrilled to be working for RSF Social Finance , a San Francisco-based impact investment firm that offers a different, and for us a more personally satisfying, experience. At the AshokaU Exchange in February 2013, we met Ted Levinson, Director of Lending atRSF Social Finance, and convinced him to give us the opportunity to gain experience in this innovative field. Impressed by our enthusiasm and commitment, he put us in touch with a nonprofit that benefited from impact investments: DC Central Kitchen.

Possible Fixes What might be done? Simply turning back the clock wont work. Securitization — the bundling of loans into tradable assets that can be pledged as collateral — cant be uninvented. Even if that were possible it might not be desirable: The modern short-term funding market means cheaper and more accessible finance, which in normal times is a good thing.

How Finance Fueled Students’ And Nonprofit’s Future

Short-term debt markets have dried up, particularly issues of commercial paper with tenors of up to a year, used frequently by finance firms. Yields on these have surged 200 basis points. “We appreciate the RBI’s standpoint, but the way they have jolted the market with a sudden shock is not good for us,” said Bhushan Tinekar, the head of treasury at Tata Motor Finance. Another firm, Reliance Capital, raised 3-month money at 10.35 percent this week, up from less than 9 percent earlier.

Old-Fashioned Regulators Miss What’s New in Finance

Recently, I spoke with Edie Hunt , Chief Diversity Officer and former Head of Talent Management at Goldman Sachs. One important aspect of our conversation was her rise through the ranks of the finance sector at a time when women were rare on Wall Street. It’s safe to say her numerous successes can be attributed to her passion for her position, company, and the finance sector as a whole. Here’s what we can learn from her and a few other noteworthy finance professionals: Follow Your Passion Passion is the secret ingredient to your success as a finance professional, and it’s your job to ensure it intertwines with every part of your professional life including your job search, daily on-the-job responsibilities, and professional development.


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